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'When it comes to makeup, some people think it is fake and superficial. For me it is empowering, creative and makes a statement. You are showing the world who you are. I feel more like 'me'when I have my makeup on. It‘s your batle mask, your tribal paint.'

'Being so passionate about it is one of the major reasons I took makeup art as my profession. And I have always been fascinated with transformation. Inspired by nature, movies and almost obsessed with glamour and subcultures, it should not be a surprise my makeup style is highly influenced by these.'

'Think of a red lipstick, an eyeliner with a pin curled hair! It is the ultimate form of feminine beauty that EVERY woman can wear and feel beautiful in. The right (red) lipstick can make you walk, move and behave differently. It is automatic confidence even if you feel like shit.

The lipstick will do it for you.'

'And do you remember the New Romantics of the 1980ʻs, Goths, Punks and genderbending Glam Rockers of the 1970ʻs?

They all used makeup as a tool to express themselves and to send out their message.' 

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